Confidential HIV & STD Testing

Did you know that one in six people globally aren’t aware that they have HIV, after being infected with the HIV virus? HIV Tests are a normal part of health care. Knowing if you have HIV is essential to your sexual health. If you don’t have it, that’s great. The sky isn’t falling on you. But the awareness that you’re HIV free helps you to learn what it takes for you and your partner to avoid getting infected with it. And if you are infected with the HIV virus, then there is all the more reason to be aware about it. It is because you’re then more likely to receive timely care needed to keep you from developing AIDS.

HIV tests have today become very convenient and fast. When you’re infected with an HIV virus, the internal defense mechanism kicks and your body starts producing HIV antibodies. It is these antibodies that are revealed in an HIV test, thereby confirming that you have HIV.

STD testing depends on your sexual history and based on the prevalent symptoms that you complain of, we at Family Medical Center - Pembroke Pines, could after due physical examination, recommend blood/urine/tissue/discharge sample testing to confirm which STD you might be suffering from and the requisite treatment course.