PAP Smears

Pap Smear is a screening test to detect cervical cancer in women. Also, referred to as a Pap Test, it is a fairly simple and quick test. In this test, the doctor scrapes away cells off from the cervix and examines for abnormal cellular growth.

For effective prevention, it is recommended that most women undergo a Pap Smear test by the age of 21. Pap Smear tests in combination with an HPV vaccine have been proven effective as HPV type 16 & 18 are known to increase the risk of cervical cancer. Hence, the earlier you get yourself immunized against HPV, the better it is for you.

An early detection of cervical cancer cells through the Pap Smear test means that you can get effective treatment to further avoid the onset of cervical cancer. That’s the reason why it is advisable to undergo Pap Smear tests every three years, once you turn 21.