Primary Care Plan (PCP Plan)

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The PRIMARY CARE PLAN offered by Family Medical Center (FMC) at Pembroke Pines is an alternative for the expensive health care for those who do not have Health Insurance. Even though it is NOT a health insurance plan, it covers most services in primary care by early detection and prevents you from ending up in the Emergency Rooms and Hospital admissions. These are the highlights of the premium plan: (PCP Plan is not a Health Insurance Program)

  • 1

    All Basic Labs

  • 2

    All Basic Procedures and Injections(Injections, Resp. Treatments, etc.,)

  • 3

    Annual Physical

  • 4

    Assistance with costly diagnostic tests like MRI & CT Scans etc.,

  • 5

    Discounted rates for Weight Loss Programs

  • 6

    Ear Irrigations

  • 7


  • 8

    Flu Vaccine

  • 9

    TB Screening

  • 10

    Tetanus Vaccine

  • 11

    Unlimited access to Health Education

  • 12

    Unlimited Appointments

  • 13

    Use of Free and low cost medications available at Publix, Wal-Mart, Target, A&A Pharmacy

Primary Care Plan Rates (Monthly)

Individual Premium Plan $59
Couple (Two-people)$109
Family Plan (Up to four people) $149

Pay only for 10 months if paid in full for 1 year in advance(2 months Free)

Pay only for 11 months if paid in full for 1 year in advance(1 months Free)

Rules and Limitations:

Two months advance payment required. Payments must be received on the 1 st of each month to be eligible for that month or automatic withdrawal from checking account or a valid credit card required. 24 hour cancellation policy applies to cancelling appointments. Non-payment results in an immediate cancellation of the plan. Special blood testing will be offered at a much discounted price. Hospitalizations, specialist visits, and special diagnostic tests are not covered. If necessary, FMC shall assist the patients to get affordable prices on these tests and visits. No refunds on premium paid. FMC and Patient may terminate this plan anytime with a 30 day prior written notice. Only vaccines covered above in the list are offered as part of this plan. Co-pay is $10 per visit. Please speak to our staff for details.