Weight Loss & Wellness Programs

Given our eating habits, most of us are used to having more than we can chew! In other words, by consuming more calories than our body needs, we end up storing a lot of unused calories as fat. Such stored fat tends to increase your body mass and if your BMI (Body Mass Index - calculated as body weight in Kilograms divided by body height in sq. meters) exceeds 25 Kg/m2, then you’re considered Obese. People suffering from Obesity have a hard time returning back to healthy ways. While a healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen is always recommended, this alone isn’t enough. You might sometimes need professional help. That’s why you need a specially designed weight loss and wellness program. At Family Medical Center - Pembroke Pines, you can just walk-in at your convenience and request for a weight loss assessment.

What do the Weight Loss & Wellness Program include?

Natural Supplements:

Without artificial stimulants, naturally derived fruit and herb extracts can burn excessive body fat to help you lose weight faster

Prescribed Medications:

Providers at Family Medical Center can evaluate you to determine if prescription weight loss medications, such as Phentermine, Belviq, Qsymia, or Contrave, are right for you

HCG Diet:

The HCG diet - a completely safe diet program - uses a bio-identical hormone to reset your hypothalamus to burn more calories and body fat, helping you to lose weight and inches. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is naturally produced during pregnancy in the placenta.